Dental Anxiety

Mature Man Sitting on a Dentist's Chair, Dental Anxiety Woburn Dental anxiety can range from a mild case of nervousness to full panic. It can be severe enough to cause nightmares, or constant thoughts about what can go wrong. It can also stop a person from seeking badly needed dental care. Does this sound all too familiar? If so, you are not alone. According to studies, as many as three out of four Americans experience dental anxiety to some degree. Moreover, you don’t have to face it alone. Your friends at George P. Moutevelis, DMD, MAGD, are here for you.

Understanding: The key to conquering dental fear

There are many potential causes, ranging from unpleasant or painful past experiences to second-hand stories of other people’s experiences. Sometimes it is related to claustrophobia or fear of feeling powerless. The list of possibilities is endless, because every person is unique. Your experiences, your emotions, and your ideal solutions are not exactly like anyone else’s. Therefore, the first and most important step is to understand you.
Dr. Moutevelis’ extensive credentials may describe his dentistry expertise; however, one of his greatest skills is something that cannot be taught in dental school. That is listening. He doesn’t assume that he already knows what you’re feeling, or what your needs are. Instead, he listens. He asks questions, and answers your questions. The actual treatment does not begin until you feel ready, and the doctor has an understanding of your specific situation.

Dentistry that makes you smile

Mature Man Sitting at Dentist, Dental Anxiety Woburn Our practice is designed to deliver a comfortable, low-stress experience for every patient. You might think that sounds impossible, but we have learned from experience that dental anxiety can fade. Positive dental experiences can replace the negative connotations and associations in a person’s mind. How do we make sure your experiences here are positive?
  • Progressive treatment – Maybe you need major dental work. That doesn’t mean we have to start there. First is just an exam, then treatments as you are ready. We often start with the most minor procedures, or those that are needed to stop pain. It depends on you, what you are ready for and what your needs are.
  • Sedation - We offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) conscious sedation for relaxation. Nitrous oxide is mild and has no lingering effects.
  • Gentle techniques – One of the most important factors in a positive experience is avoiding pain. We ensure the area is thoroughly numbed with local anesthetic. We also use conservative methods and a gentle touch, for comfort during treatment as well as recovery.
Your happy healthy smile awaits. Take the first step; call (781) 315-4456 and schedule your appointment at our Woburn office today.
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Patient Testimonials

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I hadn't been to the dentist in quite a while, so I was very nervous about going. I had been to some sham dentist before. (Ones that fill teeth that don't need fillings) Dr. Moutevelis is great at what he does. The ladies at the front desk are so friendly Dr. Moutevelis' dental assistant Becky is very caring & makes sure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure. The office is nice & clean & it has a homey atmosphere. I would highly recommend this office. I have since moved away & would drive the 2 hours just to go to this dentist!
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