What you need to know about the implant procedure in Woburn, MA

Implant Placement Procedure in Woburn MA area

Losing a tooth can leave a hole in your smile, your confidence, and your oral health. While there are several options for replacing missing teeth, only one procedure is widely known as the “gold standard,” commonly recommended by dentists and patients alike. Dental implants, available at Four Corners Dental Care in Woburn, MA, have many unique benefits. Additionally, the implant placement procedure is much gentler and more comfortable than you might imagine. The importance of tooth replacement The human jaw is incredibly powerful, with about 150 to 200 psi (pounds per square inch) of bite force. The natural design of … Continue reading

How is dental implant treatment performed in Woburn?

Dr. John Govostes, provides dental implants, restoring patients’ smiles in the most natural way possible.

Four Corners Dental Care of Woburn, MA has a team of highly skilled dentists and specialists to provide you with the quality of care that you deserve. Our experienced periodontist, Dr. John Govostes, provides dental implants, restoring patients’ smiles in the most natural way possible. Dental implants are small devices that replace tooth roots. They are made of high-strength, nonallergenic titanium, and provide sturdy support for replacement teeth. Implants can be used to support a variety of restorations, all of which are designed to replicate natural tooth appearance and functionality. This is considered the gold standard treatment for replacing missing … Continue reading

Dental implants can save your smile

Dr. George Moutevelis is an experienced implant dentist in Woburn, MA, providing dental implants and other restorative procedures.

Dental implants are a good option for people who are missing one or more teeth that require replacement. These implants help a patient regain full oral function and form. Apart from dental implants and crowns, bridges and dentures supported by implants can also help restore a patient’s smile and oral function. Dental implant restorations, also called endosseous fixtures, are meant as a replacement for the whole tooth – from the crown down to the root. The implants look like tiny screws and are commonly made of titanium or an alloy of titanium. They function as substitutes for natural tooth roots. … Continue reading

Local dentist in Woburn, MA explains the process for dental implants

Local Dental Implants Woburn MA

One of the advantages of seeing your local dentist regularly is becoming familiar with the faces and environment. When issues occur or you need additional care, your dentist knows your history and you know and trust your dental team. Located in Woburn, MA, Dr. Moutevelis and the team at Four Corners Dental Care work hard to give patients healthy smiles. If tooth loss occurs, dental implants are an option to restore the smile and health of the jawbone. Dental implants mimic a tooth root. Often made of titanium, implants are cylinders that are inserted into the jawbone. They replace missing … Continue reading

Why dentists in Massachusetts recommend the dental implant procedure

Massachusetts recommend the dental implant procedure

Dental implants are considered the best tooth replacement option available today. With advances in implant dentistry, most patients are candidates. Read on to learn why Massachusetts dentists like Dr. George Moutevelis recommend the dental implant procedure. Very successful Clinical studies document the long-term success rate of dental implants at over 95 percent – the highest of any tooth replacement treatment. While every case is different, and skill of the dentist is an important factor, a dental implant can be successful in a patient with low bone density, osteoporosis, or diabetes. Once jawbone has integrated with the implant, it looks, feels, … Continue reading

Respected dental team in Woburn offers mini implants

Dr. George Moutevelis offers mini implants

Dental Implants can be ideal for replacing one to several missing teeth. Unlike other tooth loss solutions such as bridges or dentures, dental implants replace tooth roots. This is optimal for functions such as biting and chewing. The Implants themselves also serve to maintain the bone strength. At Four Corners Dental Care in Woburn, we believe in providing options when our patients are choosing the best treatments for their smiles, therefore, we offer Dental Implants as well as Mini Implants. We can attach removable partial or traditional full dentures to Mini Implants. Implant-supported dentures provide the utmost stability. Patients do … Continue reading

Woburn patients ask, “What are the benefits of Dental Implants?”

What are the benefits of Dental Implants

Simply put, a dental implant is an artificial tooth. the replacement root is made of titanium, on which a crown is placed to recreate the look and feel of a natural tooth. Individuals who have lost a tooth due to decay, or trauma, or who have a tooth that is so damaged that it needs to be removed, often consider dental implants to permanently improve the function of their teeth as well as the appearance of their smiles. Most patients who are in good health are excellent candidates for Implants. Dental Implants offer several benefits to residents of Woburn, who … Continue reading

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Patient Testimonials

Amber S. 5 Star review author
- Amber S. - Amber S. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
Dr. Moutevelis and his staff are some of the best around! They work hard to accommodate their patients' needs, from answering questions to setting up payment plans and scheduling appointments. The office is warm and inviting and you are always greeted with a smile and a friendly hello upon your arrival. Patients are given the highest level of care by gentle, knowledgeable and efficient staff, making for a pleasant and relaxed visit from beginning to end. Dr. M has taken care of three generations of my family and is still our family dentist today. If you are looking for practice with sincerely talented and genuine people behind it, look no further than Four Corners Dental Care.
Marielle V. 5 Star review author
- Marielle V. - Marielle V. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
I'm just coming back to the practice after moving out of state for almost a decade. Dr. Moutevelis is the best, and if I had any say, I would absolutely forbid him from ever retiring! Everyone in the office is the perfect balance of professional and friendly. The space is super clean, comfortable, and modern. They also offer a wide range of appointment times to work around funky schedules. I would recommend Dr. Moutevelis to patients of all ages for trustworthy and compassionate dental care.
John K. 5 Star review author
- John K. - John K. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
I've been a patient for over 30 years. Dr. M is compassionate and highly skilled, using the latest techniques and technology. He has a great sense of humor and I actually look forward to my dental care appointments.
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