Importance of kids’ dental care in Woburn MA

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A healthy foundation for permanent teeth is established in the earliest years of life. Several studies over the decades have shown that poor eating habits, excessive sugar in the diet, and insufficient tooth brushing are linked to tooth decay in children. If a child develops caries in the primary teeth, it increases the likelihood of developing cavities in the permanent teeth as well.

Therefore, it is vital to establish a proper oral hygiene regimen early in life to promote the development of healthy and strong teeth. Parents are consistent role models to children and are crucial in establishing a daily routine and helping their children understand the importance of oral hygiene. Choosing the right dentist is a vital part of kids’ dental care in Woburn, MA.

Tooth brushing should be highlighted as a good habit and an important aspect of daily oral hygiene. Children are extremely sensitive to social stimuli like affection and praise, and parents can encourage them positively by appreciating their little efforts to focus on their oral health. Mental and physiological development impacts oral care in children.

Routine dental care helps keep the child’s primary teeth healthy and cavity-free. Kids’ dentists will offer you tips on how to effectively take care of your child’s teeth at home. Recommendations usually include the correct way to brush and floss your child’s teeth and additional information based on the specific condition of your child’s teeth.

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Relevance of the primary dentition

Primary teeth begin to erupt at around six months of age. This lasts until when the child is about two and a half. The enamel of primary teeth is less intensely mineralized than permanent teeth, which makes them more vulnerable to caries. Primary teeth are vital for both chewing and speech. They help break food into smaller pieces, making it easier to digest.

A complete set of teeth is essential for the right pronunciation of words. Primary teeth are important for the proper alignment and spacing for permanent teeth. Therefore, it is essential that they are cared for properly until normal loss occurs. Starting a good oral care regimen early in life sets the foundation for the development and preservation of permanent teeth.

Additionally, diet is a crucial factor in ensuring that teeth remain healthy. The quantity and rate of sugar consumption are important in this regard. Limits should be set on sugar consumption, more so in the evening and night. A good kids’ dentist can help to guide and educate children about dental care in Woburn, MA.

New permanent teeth

Permanent teeth are already partially formed in children very early. But, eruption happens later, at about six years and onwards. At this time, the adult teeth begin to replace the 20 primary ones.

During the eruption of the permanent teeth from about the age of six years, the mouth has both primary and permanent teeth, which heightens the risk of developing caries. Frequently, the eruption of a permanent tooth goes unnoticed by both the child and the parents, as it sits behind the primary tooth. Though the enamel is completely formed at eruption, the surface is porous and insufficiently mineralized.Dr. Moutevelis and his team help your child learn to speak clearly and chew food efficiently.

The second mineralization or maturation happens when ions from the oral cavity enter hydroxyapatite and strengthen the teeth’s resistance against caries. Furthermore, primary teeth affected by caries create pools of bacteria which can attack the inadequately formed enamel of new adult teeth.

Kids’ dentists offer parents the support and guidance that will ensure great oral hygiene in children for a lifetime. When your child has reached the age of 2 ½ or 3, you should ideally take him or her twice a year for an oral health exam and cleanings with a professional and dedicated dentist. Diligent dental care at an early age will create a solid foundation for your child’s oral health for a lifetime. The best time to invest in your kids’ dental care in Woburn, MA is now!


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