Four Corners Dental Care provides warm, friendly kids dental services in Woburn, MA

Kids Dental Services in Woburn MA area

Regular dental visits from an early age lay the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health habits and form a positive association between your child and the dentist. Dr. George Moutevelis and the team at Four Corners Dental Care provide a wide variety of kids’ dental services in a warm, inviting environment so your child feels welcome and comfortable when they are at the dentist. Kids in Woburn, MA, and surrounding communities will love their dental visits when they go to Four Corners Dental Care.

Why children’s dental care is important

Children’s dental care is important for not only the health of their mouth but also their overall health and development. While your child’s first teeth are not permanent, they serve many purposes:

  • Baby teeth are important for learning to say speech sounds correctly, chewing food properly to prevent digestive issues and swallowing correctly
  • Tooth decay from poor dental hygiene can worsen and cause progressively more painful and costly issues, such as abscesses and gum disease
  • Having all of the baby teeth in their proper position keeps the right amount of space for adult teeth to grow in, potentially reducing the need for expensive orthodontic work later on
  • Healthy, pain-free teeth give your child confidence and a beautiful smile
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When to begin your child’s visits to the dentist

Dr. Moutevelis recommends that you start taking your child to the dentist as soon as they have one or more teeth, or by the time they are three years old. As soon as your child’s teeth erupt from the gums, they are susceptible to decay, so proper oral hygiene and dental check-ups are essential in maintaining healthy teeth. The dentist can teach you the proper way to take care of your baby’s early teeth and help your child understand how to brush and floss their teeth as they grow.

Dentists providing good pediatric care are aware of children’s dental needs and closely monitor your child’s tooth development. By detecting any problems early on, the dentist can treat issues such as decay or gum inflammation before they worsen and become more costly and time-consuming to fix. The dentist can also refer you to an orthodontist or other specialists as needed for preventive care to ensure the healthy development of your child’s jaw and teeth.

Preventive treatments for children

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Preventive treatments specially designed for your child’s growing teeth are an important part of pediatric dentistry. Dental treatments that kids may receive include:

  • Professional check-up and cleaning two times per year: By taking your child to the dentist regularly from an early age, they will have a positive attitude towards the dentist. Forming the habit of seeing the dentist for check-ups and cleanings during childhood sets the stage for regular dental care throughout adulthood. The dentist and dental hygienist can educate your child at these visits on how to properly care for their teeth, answer any questions that you have about their tooth development, and answer your child’s questions in a friendly and understandable way.
  • Sealants to prevent cavities: Many children’s teeth have deep crevices in the tops of their molars, which can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria to grow and cause decay or infections. Protective sealants are an easy, affordable way to protect teeth. They are made of a thin, clear coating that is brushed over the enamel of the tooth to prevent food and bacteria from growing in all of the deep, hard-to-reach areas.
  • Fluoride treatments: Fluoride helps strengthen your child’s tooth enamel and has been scientifically shown to prevent the formation of cavities. By receiving fluoride treatments at dental visits, your child’s teeth will be optimally protected from decay.

If your child develops a dental issue such as a cavity, tooth infection, or chipped tooth, the team at Four Corners Dental Care will provide them comfortable, pain-free treatment. Chipped teeth or teeth with minor fractures can be treated with a dental bonding procedure that is quick and budget-friendly, which will prevent the chipped area from becoming infected or developing a cavity. If your child needs a filling or a root canal, Dr. Moutevelis will be extremely gentle while he is treating the tooth and will ease any fears that your child has about the procedure.

The Four Corners Dental Care staff are gentle and highly skilled at providing pediatric dental care. Keep your child’s smile healthy and happy by calling (781) 315-4456 to schedule a visit today.


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