Woburn, MA parents discover the importance of visiting a pediatric dental office

Pediatric Dental Office Woburn MA

Dental care is important for patients of all ages. Young children, teens, adults, and seniors need to follow good oral hygiene to protect the health of their teeth and gums. Dr. Moutevelis and Four Corners Dental Care provide pediatric dental care in their Woburn, MA office.

Creating an oral health regimen

It is important to establish a healthy dental regimen early. Dental care should begin during infancy when the first tooth erupts. The same rules apply for children as for adults. Brush your teeth at least twice daily a day and floss daily. Visit a dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and exams. Setting up positive health habits at an early age helps children get on the right track for their dental health. It helps the practices become routine habits in which they can participate.

Regular dental appointments

Dental visits during the early years are as much about helping the child becoming comfortable with the routine, dentist, team, and environment as they are about encouraging proper health practices. The child learns to trust and not to fear the dentist. He or she becomes familiar with the dental tools and procedures. At Four Corners Dental Care, we are gentle and compassionate with all of our patients but we understand that children need a special, skilled touch.

During routine exams, the child and parents are educated on the proper care of baby teeth and later in adult teeth. Expectations for routine check ups may include:

  • Home care instructions
  • Preventative cleanings with fluoride treatments
  • Sealants to protect your teeth
  • Restorative treatments such as fillings if needed
  • Guidance and care as orthodontic needs appear

We want your child to feel comfortable here. At  Four Corners Dental Care we use a kind heart and gentle, skilled hands to create a calm, welcoming environment and to encourage healthy habits for all our patients. Contact our office to schedule your child’s appointment. Your child’s dental health is as important as your own. (781) 315-4456


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