Teeth whitening procedure: what to expect

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Has your smile lost its brilliance over time? Don’t worry, this is normal, and it is also treatable. Dr. Moutevelis and his team at Four Corners Dental Care offer a variety of teeth whitening solutions, tailored to your needs.

Causes of tooth discoloration

  • Deep stains – Despite its smooth, solid appearance, tooth enamel is actually porous. That means it can absorb small amounts of pigment from dark colored foods and beverages. Although you won’t likely see a difference after a single meal, the cumulate effects over time cause stains and general darkening of teeth.
  • Surface film – Particles cling to the surface of enamel, creating a layer known as biofilm. Plaque and tartar are types of biofilm, which are associated with tooth decay. Teeth also accumulate another type of biofilm, known as pellicle film, which is made up of protein. Although the film is colorless, it stains much more quickly than tooth enamel.
  •  Inside the tooth – Sometimes injury can damage tissue inside of the tooth, causing it to darken. In some cases, permanent discoloration occurs in childhood, as the tooth is developing.

Solutions for whitening your teeth

The first step to a brilliant smile is good hygiene and dental care. Professional teeth cleaning removes any tarter and pellicle film that has developed, as well as polishing your teeth. As a result, your smile will be brighter and more uniform in color.

Teeth whitening treatment will remove deep stains, and take the brilliance of your smile to the next level. We offer in-office treatment for fast results, or at-home kits for gradual whitening. Our professional strength whitening gel penetrates enamel to reach set-in stains. If you have permanent stains, or you are unhappy with the natural color of teeth, we may recommend porcelain veneers.

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Amber S. 5 Star review author
- Amber S. - Amber S. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
Dr. Moutevelis and his staff are some of the best around! They work hard to accommodate their patients' needs, from answering questions to setting up payment plans and scheduling appointments. The office is warm and inviting and you are always greeted with a smile and a friendly hello upon your arrival. Patients are given the highest level of care by gentle, knowledgeable and efficient staff, making for a pleasant and relaxed visit from beginning to end. Dr. M has taken care of three generations of my family and is still our family dentist today. If you are looking for practice with sincerely talented and genuine people behind it, look no further than Four Corners Dental Care.
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I'm just coming back to the practice after moving out of state for almost a decade. Dr. Moutevelis is the best, and if I had any say, I would absolutely forbid him from ever retiring! Everyone in the office is the perfect balance of professional and friendly. The space is super clean, comfortable, and modern. They also offer a wide range of appointment times to work around funky schedules. I would recommend Dr. Moutevelis to patients of all ages for trustworthy and compassionate dental care.
John K. 5 Star review author
- John K. - John K. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
I've been a patient for over 30 years. Dr. M is compassionate and highly skilled, using the latest techniques and technology. He has a great sense of humor and I actually look forward to my dental care appointments.
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