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Mother and Daughter Brushing their Teeth, Dental Care Woburn Is your mouth healthy if you look in the mirror and don’t see any cavities? Lack of noticeable cavities is a good start, but comprehensive oral health is more than that. It means you are free from oral disease, your gums are healthy, there is no infection in your mouth, you are able to chew your favorite foods with ease, and do not experience tooth or jaw pain. In fact, oral health is an important aspect of your overall wellbeing. Fortunately, it is not difficult to achieve with a cooperative effort between you and your dental team.

Preventive dentistry

Do you really need to see a dentist every year, even if you aren’t having any problems? The answer is, yes! From tooth decay to cancer, oral diseases are usually progressive. The best solution is to stop disease before it starts. The second-best solution is to catch it early, when simple and conservative treatment will likely be effective. With a trained eye and high tech diagnostic equipment, a dental professional can detect oral disease long before symptoms manifest.
Happy Patient, Dental Care Woburn Teeth cleaning is essential, even if you brush regularly and carefully. It can be very easy to miss a bit of plaque below the gum line, between teeth, and other hard to reach places. In just a few days, that plaque can harden and become tartar, which is virtually impossible to remove. Your hygienist has extensive training and utilizes specialized tools to clean all surfaces thoroughly, removing any accumulation before it has a chance to cause damage. If we notice certain areas you are missing, we will give you tips for more effective brushing and flossing.

Working together for a healthy smile

If your mouth is healthy, we will probably only see you once a year unless you come in for cosmetic treatment. That means your oral health is in your hands the other 364 days, but it doesn’t mean you are alone. Patient education is one of our most valuable services. Brushing, flossing, and good nutrition are essential components of oral health, but the details vary. How do you clean under a bridge or behind braces? What should you do if your prescription medication causes dry mouth? How will diabetes affect oral health? We will help you understand your specific oral health needs and develop a convenient hygiene routine that is effective for you.
If you are looking for a dental home where you will be treated like family, call (781) 315-4456 and schedule an appointment with George P. Moutevelis, DMD, MAGD, in Woburn.
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- A Google User - Dental Care Woburn - 5 Stars
I hadn't been to the dentist in quite a while, so I was very nervous about going. I had been to some sham dentist before. (Ones that fill teeth that don't need fillings) Dr. Moutevelis is great at what he does. The ladies at the front desk are so friendly Dr. Moutevelis' dental assistant Becky is very caring & makes sure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure. The office is nice & clean & it has a homey atmosphere. I would highly recommend this office. I have since moved away & would drive the 2 hours just to go to this dentist!
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