Dental Implants

A High-tech & Long-Lasting Approach to Tooth Replacement.

Let’s Restore Your Smile!

Don’t let missing teeth affect your health or make you feel embarrassed about your smile any longer. Dental implants are the best way to restore your smile.
At Four Corners Dental Care, we use the latest technologies to provide a comfortable and effective dental implant experience. Your implant will be completely customized to your mouth and created to last. You’ll love the results!

What Are Dental Implants?

You’ve heard it said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — but in dentistry, it’s worth a lot more. Left untreated, even small dental problems like cavities or tender gums can grow exponentially more critical, painful, and time consuming…not to mention expensive.


At Four Corners Dental Care, we use high-tech equipment and modern treatments like digital x-rays and computer software to detect and diagnose dental problems at their earliest stages. Working together, we’ll help keep your mouth healthy and make sure you maintain a beautiful smile for life.

Discover the Benefits of Dental Bridges

  • Made from a safe biocompatible titanium
  • Restores your ability to chew and speak
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Strengthens your jawbone
  • Looks just like your natural teeth
  • Promotes healthy gums

Our Approach to Your Care & Comfort

We believe every person deserves a beautiful, healthy smile.

At Four Corners Dental Care, we take a modern, compassionate, and high-tech approach to meeting your needs and solving your dental health problems.
Our office features the most technologically-advanced, minimally-invasive procedures available.
Even if you haven’t been to the dentist in years and are feeling nervous, we’re here to help. Our team offers a judgment-free environment and gentle care to help you feel at-ease.

Don’t just hope for a healthy smile. Make it happen at Four Corners Dental Care

Patients Love Our…

Welcoming Office

We’ll help you look and feel better. There’s never any judgement or lecturing.

Treatment Plans

We focus on your needs and offer high-tech custom options with great results.

Flexible Financing

We accept most insurances and offer financing options so you receive the best care.

Incredible Results

We’ll improve your smile and protect your health. See the difference for yourself!


“Dr. M is great. He and his staff use the latest technology and practices to provide excellent service to their clients in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. I have been a patient for years and have always been very happy here. I highly recommended Four Corners Dental Care!”

Amber S.