Pediatric dentistry

Are you looking for a dentist who will provide quality care while also being a friend and treating your little one with genuine kindness? Dr. Moutevelis and his team understand that kids aren’t simply little adults. Their developing teeth and bones have specific oral health needs. They are also developing hygiene habits, and attitudes toward dental care that will become the foundation for lifelong oral health. Our goal is to not only keep those little smiles healthy, but also give parents and kids a reason to smile!

Children’s dental treatment

There is a common misconception that primary (baby) teeth aren’t very important. After all, they are only temporary. While it is true that they are temporary, they serve many important functions as your child grows and develops. These teeth serve as “placeholders” for the permanent teeth, helping to guide proper oral development. They also help your child learn to speak clearly and chew food efficiently. Moreover, severe decay and other oral health problems can cause considerable pain for your little one. We offer a variety of dental services designed to keep that from happening. pediatric dentistry services from Pediatric Dentistry Woburn
  • Tooth bonding is a fast and economical way to repair chips, fractures, and other minor damages. Although a little chip in a baby tooth may seem insignificant, it can provide the perfect breeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Sealants create a thin, clear, protective coating over the tooth enamel. The sealant is applied in liquid form, so it fills in tiny pits and fissures where plaque buildup often begins.
  • Root canal treatment may be necessary if the soft tissue inside of the tooth becomes damaged or infected. With modern techniques and Dr. Moutevelis’ gentle touch, the process is comfortable and predictable. Patients often say it feels like getting a filling, but takes a bit longer.
  • Fluoride treatment helps prevent cavities by fortifying enamel. For this reason, some public water supplies and many brands of children’s toothpaste contain fluoride, but the concentration is very low. A high concentration formula, professionally applied, is recommended for optimal protection.
  • Patient education is probably the most important aspect of kid’s dentistry. We are happy to answer your questions, help you understand childhood tooth development, and guide you in the best practices for keeping your little one smiling. We also educate children about good hygiene, using fun and positive reinforcement.

Dr. Moutevelis

George P. Moutevelis, DMD, MAGD
If your child is at least three years old, or has at least one tooth, it’s time to begin dental care. Join the countless Woburn families who have found a happy dental home with us. MEET THE DOCTORS
Just call us at (781) 315-4456 and schedule a APPOINTMENT to learn about your options. Our office is conveniently located in Woburn, and we welcome patients of all ages.

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Patient Testimonials

Amber S. 5 Star review author
- Amber S. - Amber S. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
Dr. Moutevelis and his staff are some of the best around! They work hard to accommodate their patients' needs, from answering questions to setting up payment plans and scheduling appointments. The office is warm and inviting and you are always greeted with a smile and a friendly hello upon your arrival. Patients are given the highest level of care by gentle, knowledgeable and efficient staff, making for a pleasant and relaxed visit from beginning to end. Dr. M has taken care of three generations of my family and is still our family dentist today. If you are looking for practice with sincerely talented and genuine people behind it, look no further than Four Corners Dental Care.
Marielle V. 5 Star review author
- Marielle V. - Marielle V. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
I'm just coming back to the practice after moving out of state for almost a decade. Dr. Moutevelis is the best, and if I had any say, I would absolutely forbid him from ever retiring! Everyone in the office is the perfect balance of professional and friendly. The space is super clean, comfortable, and modern. They also offer a wide range of appointment times to work around funky schedules. I would recommend Dr. Moutevelis to patients of all ages for trustworthy and compassionate dental care.
John K. 5 Star review author
- John K. - John K. 5 Star review Five star review from Google
I've been a patient for over 30 years. Dr. M is compassionate and highly skilled, using the latest techniques and technology. He has a great sense of humor and I actually look forward to my dental care appointments.
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