OCTOBER 2016 Newsletter
Treat your visitors without tricking their teeth this Halloween.
For many children (and some adults) October means one thing: Candy. Specifically, sweet treats handed out on Halloween night. While the holiday may be fun for families, it’s no fun for teeth. If you want to hand out treats without distributing cavities and toothaches, here are a few tips for oral-health friendly choices:
  • Sugar free gum – It is sweet tasting without the sugar, and can help remove food particles from teeth.
  • Sugar free candy – While it may not clean teeth, sugar free candy is still a tooth-friendly sweet treat.
  • Soft cookies – If you prefer traditional sweets, stick with cookies, or at least softer candy. Hard and sticky candies are the most likely to damage teeth, and kids with metal braces usually can’t eat them.
  • Toys – The healthiest option for Halloween is probably to avoid food altogether, as most kids are already getting an overdose of sugar and other unhealthy “junk food.” Instead, opt for small toys or similar surprises for your visitors.
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