Issue #04
JANUARY 2017 Newsletter
2017 is Patient Appreciation Year, with quarterly giveaways to say, “Thank You”
First quarter raffle is a $300 gift card for Marriot Hotels!

1. Each of the following is worth 1 raffle entry:
  • Leave a review on Google or Yelp.
  • Like our Facebook page and leave a review.
  • Check in on Facebook during your appointment.
2. Earn 2 raffle entries with a video testimonial.

3. Get 3 entries and a $25 gift card when you refer a new patient to us.
It’s a win-win!
Gracyn is the winner of our Kid’s No Cavity Club, and the owner of a cavity-free mouth. Thank you, Gracyn, for your good dental habits.
Silent Nite snore guard
Find out how every night can be a restful one with a Silent Nite snore guard oral appliance. The consultation is FREE!
Birthday Wishes to Allison!
Another year of big smiles and great patient care!

Please join us in wishing Happy Birthday this month to our Head Dental Assistant, Allison!
More children need dental sealants, CDC says
Caries, more commonly known as tooth cavities, is one of the most common childhood oral health diseases. One simple procedure could prevent about 80 percent of children’s cavities, according to a statement by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) last month. A dental sealant is a thin, transparent coating applied to the surface of teeth. It creates a protective barrier between tooth enamel and harmful bacteria.

Although they may be used for patients of any age, sealants are especially helpful for children. It can be difficult to impossible to thoroughly clean the tiny pits and fissures in primary teeth, especially for a child who is just learning oral hygiene. The procedure is fast and straightforward, with remarkable benefits. Yet, only 43 percent of children have received sealants, according to federal surveys. Parents are advised to talk to their child’s dentist about this procedure before cavities develop.
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