Issue #06
MARCH 2017 Newsletter
Time is running out to enter for our 1st quarter raffle draw. Seize the opportunity now!!
No Cavity Club
Our No Cavity Club celebrates kids with healthy mouths. Their smiles are displayed on our No Cavity Club board. In addition, each cavity-free kid is entered into a quarterly raffle for a $25 Target gift card. We will be picking the next winner at the beginning of April.
Smile! You don’t have to wait for dental treatment!
Research reveals strong social influence on oral health
Do you brush and floss daily, and see your dentist regularly? Your answer to that question might depend partially on your real-life social network, according to a study by Boston University. Study participants included hundreds of mothers, particularly those whose children suffer from tooth decay. Researchers found that oral health education from external sources often improved habits, but in many cases, the improvement was short-lived. They determined that the influence of family, friends, and other trusted individuals in a person’s social circle can have a significant impact on long-term habits. Researchers plan to follow up with additional investigation to map these social patterns, with the ultimate goal of improving the effectiveness of oral health focused public health campaigns. It also serves as a reminder that caring for your own oral health can benefit your loved ones as well. Set a good example, be a good influence.
Woburn dentist shares care tips for clear orthodontics
Techniques and materials for conventional orthodontic braces are continually evolving. However, the Invisalign system is gaining incredible popularity. These transparent aligners are barely noticeable, and they are removable, so patients eat normally, and keep their smiles sparkling clean. Dr. George Moutevelis of Four Corners Dental Care in Woburn, MA gives this advice for keeping your mouth fresh and clear orthodontics in good shape.

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“I have been a patient from day one and have received the best dental care each visit. We are now a three generations family. My two granddaughters argue who will be first for the exam.”

- Janet D.

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