Restorative Dentistry

Dentist Shows a Patient X-Ray of Teeth, Dr. Moutevelis, Four Corners Dental Care Your teeth are with you from early adolescence through the rest of your life. A lot can happen in that time. Injury, illness, poor nutrition, neglectful hygiene, and the effects of aging are just a few of the many factors that can take a toll on your teeth. We don’t judge and we don’t criticize. No matter how it happened, you have a dental problem and we want to resolve it – comfortably, conveniently, and effectively. Once your smile is healthy and pain-free, we’ll work with you to keep it that way.

Restoring damaged teeth

Health Tooth and Dental Implant, Dr. Moutevelis, Four Corners Dental Care The type of restoration used to repair a tooth depends on several factors, the most significant being the degree of damage. Dental problems tend to be progressive, so the sooner you seek treatment, the more conservative that treatment can be. We utilize a variety of techniques so that we can offer customized solutions suited to each patient’s needs. These include:
  • Bonding – This simple procedure is used to correct minor damage, such as chipped teeth. The material is applied direct to the tooth, then shaped and hardened.
  • Fillings – Most cavities can be treated by removing the damaged tooth material, and placing a filling. We offer several different filling materials, which have different benefits such as low cost, tooth preservation, or cosmetic appearance. Your dentist will explain your options and discuss the pros and cons of each, so that you can make an informed decision. Currently available filling types include composite, porcelain, glass ionomer, gold, and amalgam (silver).
  • Inlays and onlays – These restorations are sometimes called indirect fillings, or partial crowns. Indirect means created outside of the mouth, most often in a dental laboratory. Like crowns, these restorations are made from an impression and then fixed to the tooth. However, inlays and onlays are more conservative than crowns. The healthy portion of the tooth is preserved, and the restoration is designed around it.
  • Crowns – Sometimes a weak tooth needs protection, or there isn’t enough healthy tooth structure to support an inlay or onlay. A dental crown covers the entire exposed part of the tooth, fitting over it like a cap. It protects the underlying tooth as well as restoring functionality and appearance.

Replacing teeth

What if some or all of your teeth are already gone or need to be extracted? Don’t worry – we have a beautiful solution to fit your budget, schedule, and preferences. We understand that every person has different needs and priorities, so we offer a variety of solutions.
  • Crown and bridge work – This is the traditional method of replacing a single tooth. Designs vary, but the most common is a single unit, comprised of two dental crowns with a false tooth suspended between them. It literally bridges the gap, and looks natural.
  • Removable partial dentures – A partial denture can be customized to replace several, but not all, of the teeth. It is a fast and economical solution, and designed to match your remaining teeth for a natural appearance. Partial dentures may also be used temporarily, such as during post-surgical healing
  • Traditional full dentures – A denture is used to replace all of the upper, or all of the lower teeth. Immediate dentures can be placed the same day that extractions are performed. After healing is complete and the gum tissue has adapted, a set of conventional dentures can be crafted with precision accuracy for an optimal fit and appearance.
No matter what your dental concerns, we have a beautiful and healthy solution, tailored to meet your needs. Just call us at (781) 315-4456 and schedule a consultation to learn about your options. Our office is conveniently located in Woburn, and we welcome patients of all ages.
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I hadn't been to the dentist in quite a while, so I was very nervous about going. I had been to some sham dentist before. (Ones that fill teeth that don't need fillings) Dr. Moutevelis is great at what he does. The ladies at the front desk are so friendly Dr. Moutevelis' dental assistant Becky is very caring & makes sure that you are comfortable during the entire procedure. The office is nice & clean & it has a homey atmosphere. I would highly recommend this office. I have since moved away & would drive the 2 hours just to go to this dentist!
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