The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research reports that 42 percent of children 11 and younger have cavities in baby teeth. By that age, about 21 percent already have cavities in their adult teeth. Those numbers represent a lot of unnecessary discomfort, embarrassment, and expense. You can help your child avoid tooth decay with two easy preventive steps. Woburn dentist, Dr. George Moutevelis, shares this important information for parents of pediatric patients.

Fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a vital component of tooth structure. Small amounts in saliva are absorbed by tooth enamel, helping it stay hard and strong. Topical application of fluoride fortifies enamel further. This safe, time-tested treatment can be applied up to four times a year to help prevent cavities, and slow the progress of early tooth decay.

The procedure:

  • Takes only a few minutes.
  • Is painless, and most children like the taste.
  • Consists of a varnish painted onto visible surfaces of teeth.
  • Hardens quickly.
  • Is invisible. Teeth may look slightly yellow or dull immediately after treatment, but this residue brushes off.

Dental sealant

The “landscape” of molars is relatively flat for grinding food, but is covered with grooves and depressions. Toothbrush bristles cannot reach these spots to extract food particles and bacteria. Dental sealant protects these vulnerable areas with a clear layer of plastic resin.

Sealant is painted onto chewing surfaces of molars. It bonds with enamel and hardens into a protective barrier that resists plaque and mouth acids. Treatment lasts several years.

Fluoride treatment and dental sealants are beneficial, but they cannot totally prevent cavities. The team at Four Corners Dental Care would love to talk with you about a complete dental care plan for your child, including healthy eating, brushing with proper technique and products, and regular dental checkups. Call (781) 315-4456 to schedule an appointment.

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