The airwaves are packed with brilliant celebrity smiles. Small wonder teeth whitening has become so popular. Yet the team at Four Corners Dental Care in Woburn is often asked, “Is teeth whitening safe?” The short answer is, “Yes – in qualified hands.”

What could possibly go wrong?

Drug store shelves are stocked with products that claim to whiten teeth. Yet, without the oversight of a trained dental team, problems can occur:

  • Toothpaste – Harsh abrasives scour surface stains. They can scratch tooth enamel, leaving microscopic grooves that trap pigments.
  • Strips – Whitening strips fizz stains between teeth and from enamel. They aren’t precise, though – the chemical gets on soft tissues (where it may cause irritation), and goes down your throat.
  • Overuse – Because retail products lack effectiveness, consumers tend to use them more frequently or for longer duration than recommended, resulting in sensitivity.
  • Expense – Initially, over the counter whitening may cost less than professional treatment. However, when they don’t get good results, most people try one product after another. The dollars add up quickly.

Safe treatment for gleaming results

Dr. George Moutevelis and his team offer two whitening options that minimize risk and maximize results.

  • Fast in-office whitening – Extra precautions keep this prescription-strength bleaching agent exactly where it belongs – on discolored tooth enamel. Simply relax for about an hour while tooth color changes dramatically.
  • Gradual at-home whitening – You receive custom made trays and a supply of gel to use at home. Wear the trays for about an hour a day until your smile is as bright as you like. If teeth are sensitive, the dentist can add a special buffering agent, or adjust your whitening schedule.

For effective teeth whitening with powerful techniques, and the guidance of dental professionals for safety, your smile will shine. Call Four Corners Dental Care in Woburn at [phone].

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